Car warranty

All we know that, almost on all markets of cars in Republic of Moldova exists main disadvantage: lack of security of purchased items. The technical failure significant or insignificant may appear, that will cost you some additional money. Now you really do not possess that money or maybe you have it, but you are not ready to invest it in your car. A warranty SAUTO is a guarantee of the used car purchased from us, which covers the period within one month from the day of delivery of car and on condition that immediately after purchasing the car, that will be carried out the technical inspection in the car service indicated directly by our company.

A standard warranty covers the defects of material, manufacturing or installation, identified and recognized by experts, except normal depreciation or damage detected because of poor maintenance on:

  • the engine
  • the transmission

Conditions of application of warranty SAUTO:

  • In order to benefit from the warranty SAUTO, customer must appeal and inform about detected malfunctions within 24 hours (or in 48 hours if a malfunction was found on Saturday) or at the phone number 069-977-674 / 068-68-999-5. SAUTO SRL reserves the right to react on referral on the first working day following its receipt.
  • SAUTO SRL is the only one company that entitled to carry out the repair or replace defective details in a warranty period.The costs of maintenance and repairs carried out during the warranty period of the car in the other car servises, without the consent of the SAUTO will not be refunded to the customer.

More details related to warranty you can find out if you contact us at the phone numbers 069-977-674 / 068-68-999-5