Car exchange services in Chisinau. Trade-In

Use your old car as a down payment on a new car

Now it is easier than ever, come in our car dealership SAUTO, with your old car and leave with the other one much newer.

We can help you to get the free estimation of your car, and also to get advice how to obtain the credit or simply you can pay the remaining amount in cash or by the money transfer.

An exchange (Traid In) is actual only for the cars registered on territory of Republic of Moldova, and the physical and legal persons can avail themselves of it.

Why it is convenient to use the service of exchange:
  • Rapidity - things happen quickly - for a few hours in our car dealership you save your time and forces.
  • Financing - it is through our credit partners, we can offer you different financial schemes for any brand of car.

The purchase of a car using the trade-in scheme is an attractive option for many people who want to replace their old car with a new one. This method involves selling your old car to the dealer, and the amount received is used to reduce the price of the new car.

One of the main advantages of trade-in is the reduction of the overall cost of the transaction. Instead of selling your old car separately and searching for a new car, trade-in allows you to do everything in one transaction. This means you don't have to pay commissions or taxes for two separate transactions, and you save time and energy.

Another advantage is related to the negotiation process. The dealer is more likely to offer a better price on the new car if they know they are also acquiring your old car. This can reduce pressure on the buyer in negotiations and provide a quick and easy solution for selling the old car.

Trade-in can also be a convenient option for people who don't want to deal with separate sales of their old car. The selling process can be complex and time-consuming, and trade-in can be a simple and fast alternative for getting rid of an old car.

Overall, buying a car through trade-in can be an attractive option for those who want to reduce the overall cost of the transaction and avoid the complex process of selling their old car separately.