About us

SAUTO S.R.L. it is the company specialized on an import and sale of cars with mileage from Europe in Republic of Moldova. Based on the main objective team. We are unified, well-trained team, and passionated about the cars. Our members divide, regardless of their hierarchical level, the same values and business principles.

Today we successfully present the leading brands of cars. Every day we work for descovering new decisions, strengthening and improvement of quality of our services. We seek to be authentic, professionals, modern and inspired. Our team is ready to suggest you choosing the most suitable for you model. We wait you to get to know skilled and interested people, ready to present you a truly impressive brands car, on modern and refined showroom, similar as well as cars.

Among common values and principles must be pointed out:

  • Stability - for us it means clear vision unchanging in time, that is based on ideology of our company. Development of this value, proves our level of responsibility and inspires confidence to our clients.
  • Professionalism - in our view, there is a sale of cars that corresponds to the needs and requirements of our clients. We seek to provide complete, exact and clear information about accessible models of cars in our assortment or models in the process of delivering.
  • Perfectionism and flexibility - we are not from the group that feel well in the zone of comfort. On the contrary, we are in the permanent search of new market demand, study tendencies and apply new strategies, and also we seek to improve and diversify our activity.